Thursday, March 15, 2018

Queen's Blade Unlimited Story: Chapter 1-3(b)

For the poll about story and sexyness, "good deal of echi with okay enough story" won with 22v-45%, followed by "balanced mix of both" with 15v-31%. After that, there was "little ecchi here and there" with 6v-12%, and finally "strong story with no ecchi" and "lot of ecchi" with 3v-6% and 2v-4%.
Compared with the last time we asked, more than 3 years ago, the first 3 spots matched the current ones, with 30v-43%, 13v-18% and 11v-15%. The last 2 spots were reversed by a slight margin, with 8v-11% preferring "lot of ecchi" to 7v-10% preferring the "strong story".
Considering how many years have passed, I probably should have updated the series that served as an example of each option... but eh, chalk it up to me being lazy I guess :)

Next poll, we went ahead and asked about the new shota! (assuming enough people are following the story, since the OVA seems to be going the extra mile to hide him for whatever reason :p)

And continuing the story, Elina deciding what to do with Airi brings also the end of chapter 1-3, which is the end of volume 1 as well, basically the entirety of what the next OVA will cover~


Next: before moving on with volume 2, let's bring back the XXX(?) to Queen's Blade?

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Queen's Blade Unlimited Story: Chapter 1-3(a)

First of all, the QB twitter hinted yesterday about Nowa's Captain being on the horizon, so maybe we can look forward to her soon...?

Regarding the Unlimited OVA's poll, "looking forward to it" and "ready and waiting like you wouldn't believe!" won with 24v-43% and 14v-25% respectively. After that was "sorta neutral" with 9v-16%, and with a slight difference between the rest, there was "wait, there's gonna be a new QB OVA?" with 4v-7%, "nope, not interested" with 3v-5% and "not all that interested, meh" with 1v-1%.
Well, count me in among the ones eager and waiting~! With our author at the helm of the story, it might very well be the QB anime season with the best story, y'know :D

Since we're in a rut coming up with new polls lately, how about bringing up this oldie, let's say for the sake of how you'd wish the Unlimited OVA to develop~?

And here we begin the 3rd and last chapter of the so-called volume 1! As the author basically spoils in the very title, someone becomes a proper Beautiful Fighter in this one... heh, Siam would be proud...


Thursday, March 1, 2018

Queen's Blade Unlimited Story: Chapter 1-2(a-2)

For the Pixiv visiting poll, "I browse it pretty often!" won with 20v-44%, followed by "every once in a while" and "hardly ever use my account..." with 9v-20% and 7v-15% respectively. After that, there was "What's Pixiv?" with 5v-11% and "don't even bother" with 4v-8%.
I can't say I visit it much, but every once in a while you can find some solid gems there, huh? (btw, we'll try to highlight the best stuff from FS' pixiv in our twitter~)

And following up last week's news about the OVA (available now for preorder in Toranoana too), how do you fellas feel about it?

So one more bit of story: despite the confusing numbering, this is the end of chapter 1-2. It aaalso features a bit of an infamous bathing scene, sigh...


Friday, February 23, 2018

Queen's Blade Unlimited OVA 1 announced!

So, today the official Twitter announced the first OVA is getting released on July 13th!

It has many different editions apparently, limited editions will have a mini-novel by our author (80 pages) and a pic by our new artist.

Plus, according to the anime page as well, different stores might get different bonuses, with Melonbooks getting like a fanzine with comments from previous artists or Hans, HJ Online getting a random postcard among 5, and Toranoana getting an Airi tapestry thingie.

The stores also confirm that Michel will be voiced by Aya Suzaki, and with the reveal of the OVA's title ("Elina's Journey") and its basic plot, it confirms our suspicions that it's going to follow quite closely the story we're translating at the moment.
Hope they do a stellar job with the animation!

Go, Unlimited, go~!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Queen's Blade Unlimited Story: Chapter 1-2(a-1)

For the poll about the 3 so-called QB traits in a Queen, "kindness" won with 31v-56%, followed by "beauty" with 14v-25%, and then "strength", with 10v-18%.
Compared with the last time we did it, back then it was "beauty" which won with 31v-47%, then "kindness" with 23v-35%, and in last place again "strength" with 11v-16%.
Heh, if strength keeps being the least favoured trait, maybe they shouldn't decide the whole thing with a fighting tournament, amirite~?

Next poll is about Pixiv, since FS went and opened one (thanks to Koodu from the Discord for the heads-up :D).

Now we continue with the story, sauna time! Featuring a cameo from a couple gals from last time, too.


Thursday, February 15, 2018

Queen's Blade Unlimited Story: Chapter 1-1(g-2)

Regarding the poll on the VII Virtues spin-off, "looking forward to it!" won with 16v-43%, followed by an almost tie between "interested like you wouldn't believe!!", "dunno about the concept" and "can't say the idea interests me" with 7v-18%, 6v-16% and 5v-13%, and lastly there was "the 7 what now??" with 3v-8%.
If you ask me, it's actually kind of a fun series, they condense fanservice and some humor in 4 mins in a similar way to how Bikini Warriors did... :3

Next poll, we repeat one we did some time ago, about those funky QB attributes!
...Speaking of which, lately we're kinda coming up empty when trying to think of new polls (guess it's been some years now, huh...). Do you guys have any idea for a poll that could be exciting or fun to ask? :D

Now, it took a while, but we finished chapter 1-1! Next chapters won't be so long, thankfully. More info on Michel gets revealed...?


Thursday, February 8, 2018

Queen's Blade Unlimited Story: Chapter 1-1(g-1)

For the Patreon poll, by overwhelming majority, 23v-57%, "no account and no interest" ended up winning. After that, there was "1-20 $" with 7v-17%, then "have an account, put no money" with 5v-12%. Trailing after those, a two-way tie between "21-100$" and "100+$" with 2v-5%, and "what's a Patreon" got no votes.
Hm, somehow expected a bit more of support, though I guess depends on which artists you favour... and it's not like I contribute hugely myself :p

Next poll, the 7 Virtues spin-off to the 7 Sins sister series, which kinda turns the idea on its head, has started! Thoughts?

Moving on with the story, we're close to being done with the veery long chapter 1-1, and a couple chars make their Unlimited debut!